1. Why does JWLC discontinue a current collection or specific pieces within a collection?

Design styles and trends change within our industry and our designs and styles are the best in the industry. We selectively manufacture our furniture, and our production is based on the demand for the collections and pieces within those current collections.

2. What is JWLC Imports’s warranty?

JWLC stands behind the integrity of their product and will work alongside your dealer to assess the reason for the problem and the best course of action. Typically any problems are identified shortly after delivery.

3. Can I get broken handles or replacement parts on our older piece of JWLC furniture?

We can often locate replacements for broken handles and miscellaneous hardware. Please contact our Consumer Information Line at 951 682-1544 and ask for the "Hardware Replacement Department". They will be able to give you all of the details. (pricing, turn-around time, availability, etc.) We will do all that we can to fulfill your order. It will be helpful if you have the collection name and the 6 digit product identification number that is stenciled on the back or bottom of an item. 4. Can you customize your furniture to our specific needs? Yes, we are able to customize wood products to fit individual needs.